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How to Install a Delta Kitchen Faucet

Many of people do not accustom themselves to the household chores and often depend upon the outside help even for the simplest household jobs. Wet carpet Gold coast This can include repairing, removing or installing a delta kitchen faucet. If you are one of them, just put yourself in a situation when you can not access a help and are left with no way but to do it yourself scenario. What are your options?

There is no harm in acquiring some useful information about all these household chores, too. Whatever you learn never goes waste and comes to your use sometime in life. This will also spare you from facing the embarrassing situation wherein you might have to call for your neighbor or someone you do not like at all to help you install a delta kitchen faucet. Besides, it gives you somewhat special satisfaction if you could do it yourself and leaves a deep impression on your missus. So, why not learn to install a delta kitchen faucet now. Kitchen faucets are generally available in different designs and functionalities. The main distinction is about their functionality depends upon the number of handles they have. For example a Compression kitchen faucet has two handles one for hot water, and one for cold water, while a mixed faucet comes with both the handles fused.

The kitchen faucet can also be differentiated in terms of the material they are made of. office fitouts Melbourne The popular types of kitchen faucet come in chrome or steel mould. The reason of their popularity may be because they shine well after polishing and restore to their elegance with normal cleanup. Also some conventional or antique style can be achieved through nickel and brass polish.

The process to install a delta kitchen faucet would vary if you want to replace a kitchen faucet or want to install a new one first time. home extensions Installing a new delta kitchen faucet is much easier than replacing it is. You can easily install the faucet first and fix the sink on it. Replacing may require you to work extensively with sinks and water supplies and holding the faucet in place while unbolting the nuts and screws. A challenging task if not difficult, at least.

You should use appropriate tool like a basin wrench may be of great help while installing a delta kitchen faucet. You should remove the aerator quick after installing and run the flush to let any clogged material is flow away with the force.

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Your Lease Agreement Made Simple – Read This Before You Rent

Leasing a home can be a very difficult process to go through, unless you’re working with Dennis Family homes. Leasing a home is when a landlord who owns a home decides to allow tenants to occupy their home or apartment. The tenants must pay rent and keep the home in good condition in order to avoid being evicted from the premises. Whether you’re renting your home or are looking to rent, you will need to have a residential lease before the keys exchange hands.

The Leasing Application – Working Towards a Lease Agreement
Before you put together a lease agreement you will first need to put together a document that is called a leasing application. This is an important first step to completing a lease agreement. This is an application where you can find out information about your prospective tenants. You can find out about your prospective tenants’:

personal Information
how much rent they paid each month at their prior residence
vehicle information
names and ages of occupants that will be living in your home
number of pets
employment information
previous landlords contact information
social security numbers
household incomes
This information will help you decide which tenants are right for leasing your home.
Supplying Rental History for a Residential Lease

The next document that you should have is a rental history inquiry. This document allows you to find out about your tenants’ past behaviors at the residences that they have lived in. You can ask for your tenants’ to divulge the name of their previous landlord. You are allowed to ask the prior landlord about payment history, problems with noise or neighbors, damage that was left behind, deposit return, eviction, and any court action that was deemed necessary.

You need an employment verification document to make sure that your prospective tenants’ are currently employed. The tenant needs o write down who their employer’s name, how long they have been employed, and how much money they make at their place of employment. The document should be signed by the employer to make sure that the information is accurate.

If you have found a tenant that you like based on their application information then you can send them a rental application approval form. This is a courtesy document but it is recommended. This form is a document that shows that you have accepted the tenants, when their lease begins, when the lease ends, and the agreed upon monthly rent amount.

You can also send out a renter application denial form. This document is also a courtesy. You can explain your reasons for not allowing a tenant to rent your home.

The Rental Agreement
The next step is actual rental agreement. This is the most important document because it is the lease agreement. This is a legally binding document between a landlord and a tenant.

A rental agreement identifies the parties that are involved, the property, where the property is located, the length of the lease, and the financial information that is involved.

A rental agreement needs to be a clear and concise document that outlines the term of the lease agreement. Tenants need to know what rental fees are involved, what happens if they do not pay their rent, what happens if they need to move out and break their lease, what happens if there is a fire, what happens if there is a repair issue with the home. The residential lease agreement is to protect landlords and tenants from being taken advantage of.

You should include the following documents in your residential lease agreement:

Lead based paint EPA pamphlet
Lead based paint EPA disclosure
Pet Agreement
Zero tolerance for activity bulletin
Co-signer agreement
Welcome letter
Emergency shutoff instructions for the water, oil, and gas
All necessary disclosures and information about the neighborhood, home, and the rules for the city that your home is located in.
Negotiating the Rental Agreement
You can negotiate the length of the lease with your landlord. Many people who are landlords and enter into a rental agreement want at least a year commitment from their tenants. Some landlords will sign lease agreements on a month to month basis but this is rare because it can be hard on the landlord financially if there is no guaranteed amount of rent being brought in for a specified period of time.

Tenants can also negotiate the amount of money that they will have to put towards a security deposit. Some landlords will allow you to negotiate your security deposit amount. Many prospective tenants are turned off by a high security deposit amount because they have not gotten back their security deposit money back from their current landlord.

You can negotiate your monthly rent some landlords are firm on the amount of rent that they want but you may be able to get a lower rent by negotiating with your landlord.
You can negotiate if you can have pets in your leased home. Most landlords will only allow you to have one pet and you must pay a higher security deposit because animals can cause damage to the home.

Before You Sign the Lease Agreement
If you are a landlord who is leasing your home then you can better understand a residential lease agreement by speaking to a lawyer. They will help you make you understand your rental agreement so that you know what rights you have as a landlord. The forms are pretty easy to understand if you are putting them together yourself. You should make your lease agreement yourself so that you can express your wishes regarding your property as clearly as possible.

If you are a tenant of a leased home then you should read all leasing agreement documents before signing them. You should never sign something that you have not read before. Your rights are important in the lasing process too because you have to know what rights you have and what financial responsibilities you are entering into.

If you are a landlord who is trying to lease a home or a tenant who is trying to find a home to lease then you should know your rights and read your rental agreement before you sign anything. Leasing a home is a long process but if you find the right home and the right tenants then you will be successful.

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Light Up Your Room With Traditional Lighting

Traditional lighting really can make the most of your budget. Oftentimes these are the kinds of pieces that you need to coordinate from room to room. This means that you need to save money on them as well as still get a very cohesive sense of flow. Of course it’s perfectly fine to change out a few of the fixtures in the kitchen, bathroom, or entryway, but they should all be in the same finish and style just so that your home extensions design doesn’t feel choppy. There are a lot of different directions that you can take a very classic kind of style in to create a very unique for your own home.

Traditional ceiling lighting really seems to constantly be an evolving thing. However, if you go with something very close to the ceiling color then this is really going to be subtle, which is a really hallmark. This allows you to keep the same lights in your room for several years or even decades. The metal colors are really changing a lot so you might want to just stick with the classics such as brass even though in more modern homes this can seem to stand out a little bit. You can also go with a little bit of a vintage air. Then use this in opaque or white glass and chrome details. This is a way to add a little bit of charm to a kitchen or a bathroom while still using a very subtle design style.

You might want traditional track lighting just to save money. This can seem a little bit harsh and modern at first but it is so functional. It allows you to position lights so that they really highlight your artwork or just install them so they aren’t glaring on the TV. However, this can seem a little bit industrial at first but this really doesn’t have to be the case. Instead, you can just find a piece that has very clean lines. This could be a system of wires and bolts. It will almost seem to disappear into the air. Another option that you might want to consider is just making it very subtle instead of bold. It could really just be the same color as your ceiling so that no on is really going to notice it.

Traditional outdoor lighting should really mimic a lantern. You can make it a little bit different just by going with a bronze or an oil rubbed bronze. This is perfect because often times in modern homes there are a lot of stone colors as well as wood tones. This means that the brown color of the fixtures is really going to relate no matter the exterior color of your home. This is also a way to really tone down more bold design styles. It seems like right now the designers are going with a more daring color of front door, whether it’s a red or even a purple. This allows all of your hard work and DIY projects to be the focal point for something unique in your space.

Traditional pendant lighting is really a very interesting theme just because pendant lighting really hasn’t been around forever. Instead it has really kind of evolved along with the addition of kitchen islands in more modern homes. Then there really need to be pendant lights over it. You can make this style less modern just by going with very classic design features. This would be etching patterns as well as glasswork. For just a traditional shade you could find a frosted glass or a clear glass. This can also just be an entire glass shade that encases a smaller chandelier for a very elegant and designer look. You will pay a little bit more money for these pieces even though they are quite small. However, it really can make a large impact in your room.

You could even bring this onto a ceiling fan. Traditional ceiling fans are usually made out of wood and are made fun of by interior designers. Instead, you can give them the look of a chandelier. It should be smaller in scale so it really fits in your room but still provides for your cooling needs. It might even have a separate chandelier hanging underneath. This will really be something quite different as far as the overall construction so that it focuses on metal instead of just cheap whicker or wood laminate. This really gives you the advantages of both a ceiling fan but all of the high-class feeling of a traditional lighting fixture.

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Photographer’s Guide Canon DSLR

Fuji says that there have been over 50 improvements made to this camera, most of which take place inside. video production Melbourne Probably the most notable is the sensor design, which, has a random colour filter array that means the sensor doesn’t need an anti-aliasing filter, like the X100S and X Pro1.

This is quite a chunky compact camera, and because of its protruding lens, you’re unlikely to be able to fit it in a trouser pocket. As with the other cameras in the X range, Fuji has gone for a retro design, with a textured coating and a protruding grip here that makes the camera feel very secure in the hand.

It’s via the lens that the camera is powered on, by twisting it around like this. It’s great for capturing quick action, but, on the downside, when the camera auto-powers off, you need to twist it off and on again to reactivate the camera.

Here on the top of the camera we’ve got two mode dials, one for switching between the various modes the camera offers, and another for adjusting exposure compensation. This dial is easily reached by the thumb and is handy for making quick changes.

On the mode dial you’ll find fully automatic modes, semi automatic modes – such as aperture priority and shutter priority – and, usefully, two slots for custom functions. You can save groups of settings to these, handy if you often find yourself shooting particular types of scenes.

Also on top of the camera is a small function button. By default this is set to ISO sensitivity, but there’s a number of options you could assign to this – such as Film Simulation.

The back of the camera is pretty similar to many other digital compact cameras on the market. Here we’ve got a four way directional pad, with a Menu button in the centre and surrounded by a jog dial.

One small change from the X10 is that this button, which was previously marked with RAW, is now the Quick Menu button.

This scrolling dial here can be used to alter aperture or shutter speed, depending on the mode you’re in. When in fully manual mode, you can either push in the dial to switch between the two, or use this dial for altering one and the scrolling dial for the other.

Several of the key options have direct access buttons. For instance, white balance can be accessed here, drive mode here and metering – called photometry by Fuji – here. When you need more extensive settings, the Quick Menu is a great way to access them. Use the arrow keys to scroll around these options, and then scroll with the thumb dial to make changes.

There’s no touchscreen on the X20, so to change the autofocus point, first you’ll need to hit the up key, then use either the scrolling dial or the arrow keys to move around to the point you want to use.

The thumb dial can then be used to alter the size of the autofocus point for more precise focusing. Macro focusing is activated via the left key, and you can choose between standard macro and super macro which allows you to get as close as 1cm from the subject.

The X20 has an optical viewfinder. There’s a sensor here which detects when you’ve lifted the camera to your eye, switching off the rear LCD screen.

One of the more noticeable improvements to the X20 has been made to the finder, which now includes a Digital Trans Panel to display key information such as aperture, shutter speed and focus area.

This 460,000 dot screen is the same as that found on the X20. It’s a reasonably good performer, not suffering too badly from glare and reflection in all but the brightest of light. It also has a good angle of view, helping when you want to shoot from slightly awkward positions.

We had very high hopes for the X20, since the X10 performed so well. Happily, we have not been disappointed with the image quality from the camera. Images are bright and punchy, and the new sensor design means it is capable of resolving more detail.

The X20 makes a great standalone camera, but it is also worth considering for owners of larger cameras looking for an excellent backup, or everyday, camera.

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Moving overseas using sea freight

Moving overseas can be a big undertaking without good planning and consultation with experienced and efficient staff from international moving companies that know the best ways to ensure an easy transition from one country to another, especially via sea freight. Here is where you can find some of the best international moving companies and services for worldwide moving.

These are some of the benefits of using an experienced and efficient international moving company;

– language difficulties can make communication and instructions easily misunderstood and having staff that are familiar with the small details can really help pick up where something is not right and prevent the mix ups that result in delays and frustration.

– Government regulations vary considerably between countries and ensuring that these are met and the appropriate paperwork is filled out and available to the correct people is paramount. The ethics of some countries officials leaves a lot to be desired and having to pay additional fees to dubious pedantic officials is to be avoided.
– Consultation with an international moving company before the move will help determine the most efficient and cost effective way to get goods to the desired destination.

– Advice on packaging requirements will help to ensure that your precious freight loads are well protected. Most moving companies will provide access to boxes for shipping or suggest where to buy shipping supplies that will best suit.

– Use the available space effectively. The price of container moving is less influenced by weight and it pays to ensure that the available space is fully utilized. Consolidation of loads by freight shipping services will help reduce costs and international moving company consultants can advise on where best to achieve these savings.

– Insurance for moving is often available from reputable firms and can be included when getting moving estimates but it does pay to get a copy and peruse it before committing to an international moving company.

– Ask for references from satisfied cutomers and go online to check out what others have to say about their international moving experience. You may get a better idea of the small problems that others have encountered and be able to stop the possibility of the same happening to you.

Try to consider these benefits and tips well in advance of moving as the more time you allow to arrange matters the more likely you are to enjoy your worldwide moving experience.

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Make no mistake about it, if you’re a home owner, performing termite inspections is a very dirty job, but one that someone has to do on a regular basis.  It is recommended that you have a professional pest controller do a full termite inspection at least annually.  The best thing you can do to avoid having termites damage your property is to prevent them from getting into your home in the first place and that’s where regular inspections play a big role.

The problem areas of a house are of course the timber elements of the construction that are often exposed in the basement and crawl space under the house.  These areas should be your first point of call when looking for termites.  If the wood looks damaged or doesn’t sound solid when you tap on it, then you may have a problem.

Other construction elements that you need to pay special attention to are in ground support posts, joists and sub floors.  These areas are close to the soil and ground which make then easily accessible for termites.  Any termite inspection you conduct should look closely at these areas.

If you’re doing your own termite inspection then one area that is often overlooked is the non-wood parts of the structure like the concrete slab, the brickwork and expansion joints.  Any cracking or untreated opening gives the termites access to the inside of your building which makes it easier for them to access the wooden structures within the cavities of your home.  As a side benefit to the termites, these kind of dark and damp areas are exceptional habitats for the infestation.

Finally, one often overlooked area of any termite inspection that you may perform yourself is the areas surrounding your house.  Termites don’t eat wood, instead they digest it to extract the cellulose that they then take back to feed their colony.  Cellulose is not unique to wood and is found in any plant based material such as paper and cardboard.  Even the old tree stump in your yard needs to be inspected for termites.

The tell-tale signs of termites are mud tubes in the soil that act as a passage way from the colony to the surface, damaged wood that looks like it’s been tunnelled inside or in more extreme examples, piles of wings that the termites shed as they develop throughout their lifecycle.  If you see any or all of these termite indicators, then you should call a professional pest controller right away.

In fact, it is probably the safer and less risky option to have expert pest control services in Brisbane regularly inspect your home and property on an annual basis.  While it may seem like the more cost effective solution to do it yourself, the problem is that if you miss the signs or aren’t thorough enough, then you could find out too late that you have a problem.  Having a proper termite inspection carried out by the best pest control Brisbane that knows the seasonal variations, the local warning signs and can offer good advice on how to best protect your property is a solid investment.

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Reducing Auto Restore Costs Along with Regular Automobile Maintenance

Apart from a home, a vehicle is among the most costly items which people will purchase within their life time. Car paint protection This is a requirement having a hefty a price tag, and keeping your vehicle correctly taken care of cannot only lengthen the life span of the car, but save you money and time as well. Going for a positive method of car maintenance as opposed to a reactive one can prevent harm to your automobile and decrease the cost of possession. A busy schedule can often get in the way associated with taking the suitable measures to make sure your vehicle remains within good shape, but locating the time to perform these easy duties may protect neglect the and lower the chance of encountering an issue with your automobile.

According to the customer watchdog group Car Care Counsel, the cost of car accidents stemming through poor upkeep surpasses $2 million every year. As you may be able to steer clear of a real crash, neglecting to do normal maintenance on your vehicle can shorten it’s life-cycle. Whenever you do the mathematics, carrying out routine scheduled maintenance will in reality save you money over time, as well as keep the car operating lengthier. Considering all of the things that can fail with an car such as brake, tranny, or even radiator problems, failed smog assessments, and perhaps even motor failure, normal maintenance costs are a fraction from the cost of restore expenses lane automotive.

So what would be the most important what exactly you need to remember with regard to correctly preserving your vehicle? First and foremost, carrying out routine oil changes from about each and every 3,Thousand kilometers will keep your own motor operating thoroughly clean. Oil lubricates the motor helping to lessen friction inside the motor. Driving a car which has exhaust oil may cause serious harm to the motor and even fireplace. If you own a car that does not alert a person when you’re low on oil, pay attention to the date and usage on your car after each and every oil change. This should help you to remember when you’re due for another oil change and mitigate the chance of a person running out of oil and your motor burning up. Changing your oil filtration system simultaneously of the oil change will assist you to maximize motor life through taking out the particles and contaminants that have developed within the oil filtration system.

Your own tires ought to be next on your car maintenance checklist. Someplace in the area of every 6,Thousand kilometers, your own tires ought to be rotated and balanced to equalize the damage upon every fatigue. Even though fatigue air stress ought to be checked on a more regular basis, checking your own tires to make sure that they are higher at the suitable stress at the time of your own fatigue rotation can help you remember to do so. If you aren’t certain exactly what your own fatigue stress should be, refer to your own proprietors guide, certain that your, or even request your own auto technician. In addition to keeping your vehicle running smoothly, keeping your own fatigue stress at the manufacturer suggested levels provides you with better fuel useage, saving you even more money in this time around associated with increasing fuel costs.

Subsequent on the list ought to be your own annual brake system inspection. Regardless of how numerous kilometers you have you should get some car, brake liquid ought to be transformed at least one time each and every 24 months. Brake disk pads and shoes ought to be checked yearly with regard to wear. When they’re worn down, they should be replaced to avoid harm to the drum or even rotor. By changing your own brake disk pads and shoes when necessary, you will steer clear of additional costs such as brake drum or even rotor substitutes which will cost you approximately double the amount as pads and/or shoes.

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Prebiotic Supplements For Children For Added Nutrition

Lack of proper nutrition is a major concern in growing children which can be taken care of with the help of prebiotic supplements. buy dihydrocodeine Prebiotic supplements are quite beneficial to the human body in more ways than one. While they help in enhancing the immune system by increasing the amount of healthy bacteria, to fight off bad bacteria, these supplements also improve your children’s overall digestion.

One of the major causes of constant illness in children is their poor eating habits. These illnesses cause several diseases that further weaken the body and reduce immune system. When the immune system is affected, harmful bacteria grow in the body.

Prebiotic Supplements For Children: Is it Beneficial?

Hence, there is the need for prebiotic supplements that primarily target the growth of beneficial bacteria. These good bacteria fight the bad bacteria and restore the balance in the digestive tract.

Scientific research has also proved that prebiotic supplements prevent heart attacks, diabetes, reduce cholesterol levels and controls obesity.

Prebiotic Supplements: Children Balance Out The Improper Diet

Most children today are often addicted to junk food. Eating junk food regularly not only results in obesity but also weakens a child’s digestive system.

With the weakening of the digestive system, the vitamins present in the body reduce and the harmful bacteria multiply.

It is important for parents to administer doses of prebiotic supplements to their childrenso that the levels of beneficial and harmful bacteria in their digestive tract is balanced. These dietary supplements also provide the necessary nutrients and vitamins to the children’s body thus making it stronger.

What Are Prebiotic Supplements?

Prebiotic supplements are dietary supplements that help in the proper functioning of the digestive system by helping the good bacteria to flourish. They also supply vitamins, minerals and provide energy to the body thereby helping it to function efficiently.

Prebiotic supplements will help children in increasing their digestive system’s efficiency. They provide the required enzymes to the body which are sometimes not even present in vegetables and fruits.

Though most medical practitioners and health experts prescribe the use of prebiotic supplements for children, it is always recommended that you consult your child’s doctor before using the product.

How Do Prebiotic Supplements Help Children?

With a healthier and natural digestive system your children will have more energy. In fact, prebiotic supplements help keep allergies and harmful diseases at bay by improving the immune system of the body.

Improved immune system helps to prevent diseases and make the children stronger by warding off the disease causing bacteria and foreign bodies.

Children love to eat junk food which sometimes can cause problems like diarrhea and constipation and in the long run prove detrimental to the digestive system of your children.

However, the use of prebiotic supplements for your children can reduce your concern about your child’s health considerably.

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Full Service Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

It is estimated that today more illnesses and allergies are caused by the dust mites and bacteria in homes and offices than ever before. At M&J Carpet Cleaning we are truly aware of the damaging effects caused by dust mites and allergens to family life and work Wet carpet Sydney schedules. We offer comprehensive carpet cleaning services that help to control allergies and asthma in addition to making your home, offices and even your cars a healthier and cleaner place to be.

We give special care to stains and high traffic areas. Prespotting areas that need extra attention is just one way we assure that our high powered truck mounted equipment will get your carpets as clean as possible.

M&J Capet Cleaning is a licensed bonded and insured company that has years of experience in the business. Whether you are looking for a solution to carpet cleaning problems, carpet cleaning repair, rug cleaning, upholstery cleaning or furniture cleaning, we are the company for you. Our licensed and experienced technicians are happy to give you some useful tips for carpet cleaning and we even offer a free pick-up and delivery service on rugs.

Rug Cleaning

A rug is a prized possession whether it is handmade or machine made, antique or modern, it adds beauty to your home and needs to be treated with care and consideration.

Assessing Your Rug

M&J Carpet Cleaning specialized rug cleaning service takes the utmost care when you entrust your rug to us for cleaning. A rug needs to be professionally cleaned every 1-2 years depending on how much traffic passes over it and if there are major spills. The first thing that we will do is shake out of all of the dust that has settled and check for any major spills or marks. If there are odors emanating from the rug, these will be treated also.

Individual Treatment

Depending on the type of rug that is sent for cleaning and the level of dirt, grime and smell that is evident, the consultants will work on a plan for the best way to clean your rug. Rugs come in all shapes and sizes made from different fibers and have different color characteristics; what may be good for one rug is not good for the other. Our technicians examine each rug individually before they decide on a treatment.

Pre-treatment and Testing

Each rug is tested for colorfastness in a small inconspicuous area of the rug. If there is slight bleeding then water methods are not used in cleaning the rug to avoid discoloration of the rug. Odors are neutralized and if there are fringes, these are treated separately in order to preserve their look, color and shape. The beauty of using M&J Carpet- rug cleaning service is that they are versatile and professional, no rug is untreatable and every method used is with care and consideration for the rug and its owners.

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How to Utilize Social Media to Grow your Business

We came across an interesting article in Entrepreneur magazine which outlines 5 Ways to Use Your Network to Grow Your Business The article lists 5 tips that you need to keep in mind free online chat rooms when you ask your network members for advice. Below we try to look at these tips from a social media perspective to grow your fan base and build an engaging network.

1. Before you ask for something, give something

It’s no secret that today many brands seek consumer opinion through social media. While this is a good strategy to reach your consumers and get their feedback, it is important that you build an engaging network by offering giveaways and promotional deals through social media pages. It’s not a good idea to expect something for nothing. To better solicit feedback from social media users, first offer them a reason to do so. Let’s consider a hypothetical situation. Serene is a boutique hotel which maintains a Facebook page, a Twitter account and a Foursquare place to reach their consumers and create a fan base. Serene can offer, 20% off on ‘Breakfast all day’ for their Facebook fans and Twitter followers or 10% off on drinks for Foursquare check-ins. These giveaways can be tied to landing pages to track their performance using an analytics tool. Once they have acquired a considerable number of followers in their network, Serene can post questions for users to give their feedback in order to better their service.

2. Restrict your requests for advice to a person’s area of expertise

It is crucial that your social media posts are appealing to your network. When you ask for advice or opinions, make sure that the question is understood and is in the area of expertise of your network. Identify you network’s most engaged and influential users, find out their interests and expertise and make sure you address and focus on them when posting content or promotions. Always take their opinion into consideration and thank them for the valuable feedback. It’s important to stay within your network of verified customers to get feedback. This is better than trying to send blanket requests for feedback from any social media user.

3. Don’t have hidden motives

Transparency is a key factor when it comes to social media as it is a platform where good and bad sentiment can spread at the blink of an eye. So whenever you post content, be transparent and to the point. Being transparent includes, divulging who you are and your intent with any given post that requests action from social media users. Hidden motives can discourage users from giving their feedback. For example, let’s say you are a high-end spa who just hired a new manicurist and is eager to know what your consumers think of her services. You could post on you Facebook page or Twitter account, “Anne recently joined us as a manicurist. How do you like her signature manicure? Please give your feedback to help us train her”. Also, in such situations, you could offer promotions like 50% off a manicure with Anne.

4. Avoid potentially controversial and sensitive issues

Like the article says this is pretty much common sense, yet needs to be carefully adhered to as this can lead to social media disasters. When you are posting content stay focused on what you provide as a company rather than ideologies, political statements, etc. that can lead to hurtful social media posts.

5. Don’t ask for advice people would normally charge you for

Again, this comes down to staying on topic about your products and services. When you post content make sure it is to build awareness about your brand and gain more impressions. If you do want to ask for advice that needs to be paid for, offer a reward. For example, you could be the newest pub in the town and you want to introduce a new beer. So, perhaps you put out a call to beer specialists to come in and rate your beer. If you’re asking for specialists, they’ll likely need to be rewarded more so than a typical customer. Here, a free beer may not be enough. Consider something of more value, such as naming a beer after them.

Social media continues to press new boundaries for companies, small and large, to develop more direct relationships with potential customers. Done right, social media can also be a platform to learn what to do to improve your product or service. Just be careful to stay on task, be transparent and to measure results so you can improve them for the next campaign.

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